CVS Liquidation Truckloads and Pallets for Sale


Shop bulk CVS truckloads from a nearby liquidation warehouse! Source HBA, Drug Store Items, and General Merchandise from CVS. Our Liquidation Truckloads are organized onto pallets, each loaded with a variety of quality branded products.

These truckloads are dispatched directly from CVS Distribution Centers situated across the USA. Inside CVS liquidation pallets, you'll discover a wide array of products such as shampoos, conditioners, shaving essentials, medicines, baby products, small toys, dental care items, feminine hygiene products, headache relief medications, sunblock, school supplies, vitamins, supplements, hair color, creams, and much more.

Most of our truckloads are 24 pallets, which can consist of either gaylords or palletized boxes. These products primarily consist of overstock items and shelf pulls, making them perfect for resale. CVS Truckloads are an excellent choice for selling at flea markets, retail stores, and especially bin stores.

Discover the convenience of sourcing high-quality CVS merchandise by exploring our CVS Liquidation Truckloads today. Shop confidently and elevate your business with Select Liquidation! 

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Description: Quantity: Each cvs truckload contains approximately 20,000 mixed units Location: Shipped directly from CVS Distribution Centers in Florida and Texas Total Est. Retail: $185,000 Condit...